Creating is my constant, it’s how I navigate through life, making my work autobiographical and cyclical in its nature. It’s a sensual, investigative and instinctual process, led by my experiences, interactions and intuition. Recording, collecting and analysing I weave together my journey through a number of creative outlets. 
My paintings evolve from photoshoots; fabricating other worldly environments I integrate body art, performance, location, props and my hand-crafted costumes.
Translating the imagery through paint is integral to exposing my raw and intimate response. I’m addicted to the immediacy and physicality of this visual language, it’s methodical, absorbing, exhausting and all consuming. I have to do it.  Music plays a fundamental part to my journey, I’m drawn to songs that entice thoughts and feelings from my hand. When I’m painting I’m singing and dancing, it becomes a performance in itself. The layers of emotion, questions and movement I express through paint mirror my experience of reality and play out a life of their own.
My interests stem from an array of sources; fiction, mythology, performance and spirituality. People continue to be the main source of my inspiration. There’s a theatricality that runs through my work, its essence existing somewhere between what I live and what I imagine.
I consciously seek new situations; creating juxtapositions in, environment, landscape and familiarity, making new found clarity in the unknown. Landscapes, shapes, colours, moods and sounds all inform my artistic decisions.
I’m fascinated by themes of identity, archetypes, transformation and imagined worlds. My work is an exploration into the realms of the feminine, delving in to the psyche in all its varied and contrasting manifestations; sensual, powerful, vulnerable, devastating and glorious. I go through both a transformative and reflective process, in the pursuit to uncover the relationship between self, other and the space between.
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