A run of limited edition giclée prints are available of the following paintings, in sizes Small (250 editions) Medium (15 editions) and Large (5 editions) (see availability under each painting). Small prints measure between 14-29cm and cost between £16-£20, Medium prints measure between 40-80cm and cost between £105-£115 and Large Prints cost between £195-£215 (more for a canvas print) and are size specific to the painting (will be smaller than the original)

Ballerina, S, M, L

Crow, S, M, L

Entity, S, M

Eskimo, S, M, L

Geisha, S, M

Panda, S, M

Fringe, S, M

Senorita, S, M, L

Sullen, S, M

Varanasi, S, M, L

Zebra, S, M, L

Fauna, S, M

All We'll Know, S, M, L

For Better, S, M, L

For Worse, S, M, L

Hatoa, S, M, L

Shadow, S, M

Water Women, S, M, L

Bleached.no.1, S, M

Daylight - Again, S, M, L

Face to Face, S, M

Fridas, S, M

Hathor, S, M, L

Jiwoo, S, M, L

Jiwoo 1

Mirror Mirror, S, M

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